Del Duero Wines preparing to launch in 2021 - Del Duero Wines

Del Duero Wines preparing to launch in 2021

Bottles of superb Spanish wines are on their way!

We can't wait to share all the magic with you. We're preparing the launch of Del Duero Wines and this means staring at mouthwatering bottles only through a screen, for now. It's extremely exciting to be so close to making these available to all of our friends out there and making sure everything is ready is our top priority right now.

At this point, we're (hopefully) in the last stage of getting our legal matters straight and ready to be compliant with US and California's wine shipping regulations. For those of you who've been asking through instagram - Unfortunately, we don't have an exact launch date yet. We'd like to commit to January, hopefully, but this is more of a guess and definitely not unquestionable. Feel free to drop us your email here and we'll let you know as soon as our launch date is official (No SPAM, we promise!).

For those out of California; Our plan is to get bottles sent to a few other states (As many as possible, actually). We'll make sure to report when out of state shipping becomes available, but this is still a few months down the road - US wine shipping laws are quite restrictive for across-states shipping, and we need to carry on being compliant. Trust us, we want this as much as you do!

What can you expect from us? Think about this; We're on a mission to help the US embrace Spanish wines through, both, iconic bottles created by a blend of tradition and experience and also new, young and innovative wine projects that redefine the wine industry, so we're going to work as hard as we can to make them available to you and, if possible, get you closer to their producers.

We're so excited..Cheers!

Daniel, from Del Duero Wines.



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