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We're going live.

Hi fellow vino fans!

We said January.. Well, its February! Its exceptionally gratifying to let all of you, friends and family, know that Del Duero Wines is now a reality - We're unable to decide if were more happy or more nervous! 

Thank you

First things first - Thanks to all for showing love, for being as excited and even as impatient as we've been; You've carried us through the lengthy process of setting up shop to legally sell wine in the US (Actually, only CA for now. But not for long!) and we couldn't be more grateful. Thank YOU.

Our mission

Spanish wine culture is something we grew up around. As natives from Ribera del Duero, not having access to some of the superb vinos we know has made us nostalgic and homesick at times. Believe it or not, Del Duero Wines is a project that now exists to fulfill our very own inherent need of feeling at home through the world of wine, of sharing what we love, of spreading our passion. 

We are kicking off an eduational journey to accurately and respectfully comply with the responsibility we feel to represent Spanish wine culture in the US - We'll constantly learn about home, far from home. Sharing stunning wines, acquired knowledge and cultural experiences with you is now a priority for us.

Transparency will always be at the core of our values - Things may or may not turn out exacty as outlined, but we will definitely give it our best try(tries). Here's the plan.

Right of the gate we're going to be limited as to what we can make available to you so, at the beginning, you won't be able to find those bottles that nowadays have to be bought from international stores and shipped at an outrageous cost or those that your friend has to bring in his already-overweight suitcase. However, we do intend to make those available sooner than later. Remember, that's what all this started for...

Competing online with giant retailers having a limited budget is going to take some creativity. Our roadmap includes bringing more passion to the table than others, revealing untold stories, feeding our never-ending curiosity and constantly sharing our little conquests and defeats with all of you.

Any ideas? Any wines you'd like us to have? We're here to learn. No advice will be overlooked. You can email us at info@delduerowines.com or reach out through our IG @delduerowines and we will, at least, sincerely thank you for helping out.

Wednesday, February 10th 17th

We had to choose a date and, although we're pretty much stocked up with a great wines line up, we still have a couple minor logistics to figure out to ensure that all goes smoothly on launch date. We're so excited!

Wait, there's more..

Yep! There's more... Launch date will come with a nice surprise for all of you. We can't wait to share it!


Your support will undoubtedly make this project successful. Thanks again for having our backs - We trully appreciate it.



Daniel, from del Duero Wines.



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