The Spanish Wine Club is live! Our 6 best finds for under $100 Flat Rate Shipping, no minimum. Get our 6 best finds per shipment for under $100 in The Spanish wine Club

Handpicked Spanish Wines from Local Craft Producers

By joining The Spanish Wine Club you will get direct access to some of the best hidden gems in the wine world.

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What You'll Get

Stunning Value

  • +25% discount over retail.
  • Value in Good Wine, not fancy packaging.
  • Experience and learn Spain through wine.
  • Meet the producers!

Quality wines

  • We start with 4 Reds and 2 Whites
  • Handpicked by locals. We grew up there!
  • Highly rated, Unique, and hard to find.
  • Prefer all Reds? We'll make it work.


  • Monthly or Quarterly, you choose.
  • Straight to your home or office.
  • Safely packaged, and heat protected.
  • Free cancellations any time!

Discover Spain Through Wine

We source from more than 150 protected Apellations making world famous wines and striving for the highest quality standards.

We get you the good stuff before others even try it.

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The Hidden Gems You Were Looking For

Wines by Spanish established and up-and-coming producers doing great things.

Sky-High quality in small amounts, no heavily imported or industrialised production wines.

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