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Acustic Celler Brao Red 2017

Acustic Celler Brao Red 2017

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Braó means strength, bravery, courage… they are very strong vines that have withstood many years of drought and extreme temperatures. 10% Garnacha and 90% Cariñena which gives color, structure and masculinity to the wine.

From 60-year-old vines. 11 months aging in new French oak barrels and 2-3 years in
lightly toasted barrels. 

Wine Info

  • Vintage: 2017
  • Varietal: Carignan
  • Aging: 11 months ageing in new French oak barrels and 2-3 years in lightly toasted barrels
  • Producer: Celler Acustic

Tasting Notes

Complexity and elegance. It has a generous bouquet of
mineral, chalky aromas and hints of balsamic notes. The palate is rich, deep, with succulent red currant and wild strawberry fruit. The tannins are rounded and sensual with a confit-like finish that is irresistible. Superb long after taste.


Celler Acústic is a small, artisanal winery located in the Montsant region of northeastern Spain, known for producing high-quality wines that are a true expression of the unique terroir of the region. The winery was founded in 2006 by winemaker Albert Jané, who had a passion for making wines that reflected the character of the land and the grapes. Celler Acústic produces a range of red and white wines, including those made from the Garnacha, Carignan, and Macabeo grapes. The winery's flagship wine is called "Braó," a red wine made from old-vine Garnacha grapes and aged in oak barrels to develop its rich and complex flavor. In addition to its flagship wine, Celler Acústic produces a range of other excellent wines, such as "Nansa," a white wine made from Macabeo grapes that are fermented in oak barrels to develop their unique and intense flavor. The winery is dedicated to sustainable winemaking practices, using organic and biodynamic farming techniques to produce wines that are both delicious and environmentally friendly. The winery is located in a beautiful setting surrounded by mountains and offers tours and tastings for visitors to learn more about the winemaking process and sample the delicious wines produced by Celler Acústic.


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Unveil the Magic of D.O. Montsant – Catalonia's Hidden Wine Treasure. Located in the striking landscapes of Catalonia, Spain, Montsant is renowned for its rich, robust reds and elegant, aromatic whites. This D.O. embodies a perfect blend of tradition and innovation, producing wines with deep, complex flavors and a distinct sense of place. Each Montsant wine is a tribute to the diverse terroir and passionate winemakers of the region. Delve into the world of D.O. Montsant and savor the exceptional taste of Catalan winemaking excellence

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