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Belondrade y Lurton - Verdejo Superior Blanc

Belondrade y Lurton - Verdejo Superior Blanc

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Belondrade y Lurton, considered "the world's best Verdejo" by many, is produced exclusively from organic grapes harvested by hand in the Quinta San Diego plot mosaic. It boosts complexity from the diversity of plots it originates at, each having its own soil composition, planting pattern, exposure and vines (8 to 50 years old). Yields are controlled to about 352 gallons per acre.

Wine Info

  • Vintage: 2020
  • Varietal: Verdejo
  • Aging: 9 months in French oak barrels
  • Producer: Belondrade y Lurton

Tasting Notes

Robert Parker, 93 pts
"What has to be one of the most elegant wines produced at this address, the 2016 Belondrade y Lurton is not only one of the best whites in Rueda but a true pioneer in the world of modern quality white wines from Spain. It's pure Verdejo from different vineyard plots in the village of La Seca that has been getting fine-tuned, especially when it comes to the integration of the oak with the fruit. 2016 was not an easy year, and they seem to have done a brilliant job. It's subtle, insinuating, nuanced, and fresh, with focused flavors and aromas and a very fresh palate with terrific balance. It should age harmoniously in the bottle. Kudos to the Belondrade team for a truly great Rueda! "


Created by Didier Belondrade in 1994, this winery is responsible for the wine we're presenting today, one of the most refined Spanish whites and, definitely, one of our favorite Verdejos fromRueda, if not the most. Relying on 4 principles, Didier (Founder), with Marta Baquerizo (Winemaker and Director) and Jean Belondrade (2nd Generation), have been able to transform and re-define the way people think about Verdejo. Here they are:

  1. Respect for nature
  2. Great grape selection
  3. Spontaneous fermentation
  4. AGING: Yes, aging - Important differentiator for Verdejo here.


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Experience the Elegance of D.O. Rueda – Spain's White Wine Wonderland. Nestled in the heart of Castilla y León, Rueda is famed for its vibrant and aromatic white wines, especially the Verdejo variety. Each glass from Rueda embodies freshness, offering a harmonious balance of acidity and fruitiness. Celebrated for its innovative winemaking and diverse terroir, D.O. Rueda captures the essence of Spanish viticulture. Delight your palate with the refreshing and sophisticated flavors of Rueda's white wines – the pride of Spanish whites.

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