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Bodegas Godelia Viernes Mencia Tinto 2018

Bodegas Godelia Viernes Mencia Tinto 2018

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Godelia Viernes is a young Mencía, in its thirties, with a youthful, carefree, and fun spirit. A great way to discover Mencía is through this young and easy-to-enjoy red wine, qualities that also make it the ideal choice for socializing. A blend of Mencía grapes from Godelia's youngest vines from plots with unique orientations, exposures, and microclimates. In the glass, it presents a pure and youthful expression of Mencía. A true single varietal destined to represent the authenticity of Bierzo.

Wine Info

  • Vintage: 2018
  • Varietal: Mencia
  • Aging: 4 months on its lees
  • Producer: Bodegas Godelia

Tasting Notes

The wine pours into the glass with a vibrant and deep ruby-red color, hinting at its youthful character and vitality. Its clarity and brilliance are a testament to the quality of the winemaking process.

On the nose, Godelia Mencia Viernes 2018 reveals an enticing bouquet that is both expressive and intricate. The first impression is of ripe red fruits, such as cherries and red berries, which provide a luscious and inviting aroma. As you delve deeper, you'll encounter subtle floral notes, adding an elegant and perfumed dimension to the wine. These floral hints are accompanied by a touch of earthiness, reminiscent of damp forest floor and herbs, creating a well-rounded and captivating olfactory experience.

The palate of Godelia Mencia Viernes 2018 offers a delightful continuation of the aromas discovered on the nose. The initial entry is marked by a burst of fresh red fruit flavors, underpinned by a gentle acidity that provides vibrancy and lift to the wine. This liveliness is balanced by a velvety texture that coats the palate, contributing to a smooth and pleasant mouthfeel. As the wine evolves on the palate, subtle hints of spice and minerality emerge, adding layers of complexity and intrigue. The tannins are well-integrated, providing structure and depth without overpowering the wine's overall elegance.

The finish of Godelia Mencia Viernes 2018 is both lingering and memorable. The fruit flavors persist, gradually giving way to a satisfying and slightly savory conclusion. This lingering finish invites contemplation and encourages another sip, leaving a lasting impression of the wine's distinctive character.


In 1984 a farm named Morgadío in the Rías Baixas subdistrict of Condado do Tea, near the aldea of Albeos, was consolidated from multiple existing owners, and planting began. The vineyard area was gradually expanded to its current 148 acres.

Bodegas Godelia is located in El Bierzo, a unique landscape and exceptional environment for winemaking. Located in the northwest of Spain, El Bierzo is a region surrounded by mountains that forms a large valley cut through by the Sil River, with a wide array of soils and orientations in its vineyards. The richness of the soil, combined with the age of the vineyard, makes it a unique place to produce high quality wines.

Right on the Camino de Santiago, the winery is located on your route through El Bierzo. Literally. The French Way of Saint James goes past their front door. It is the exact point where the countdown to the last 200 km begins and the pilgrim’s final stage before arriving in Galicia. El Camino brought with it a legacy to which the winery wants to pay tribute. This special location in El Bierzo has given the winery the self-satisfaction of carefully growing the native grape varieties: Mencía, Godello, and Doña Blanca. Their aim is always to transmit terroir, sensitivity, and elegance in wines.

Godelia’s great virtue lies in the fact that it was born as a passion at the end of 2009. It is a love for nature that led the García Rodríguez family, the founders of the winery, to give an outlet to their enthusiasm for viticulture in El Bierzo. It is a dream come true, a winery in El Bierzo that creates value and a future for the region, a legacy through its wines. It’s about not being satisfied until you create a masterpiece, with a healthy amount of excitement, dedication, and effort. All this, to achieve excellence.


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Experience the Richness of D.O. Bierzo – A Jewel in Spain's Winemaking Crown. Situated in the northwest of Spain, Bierzo is a treasure trove for wine lovers, famous for its elegant and expressive Mencía reds and aromatic whites. This D.O. boasts a unique microclimate and mineral-rich soils, contributing to wines with distinctive character and depth. Bierzo's wines are a celebration of tradition and innovation, offering a perfect balance of fruit, minerality, and complexity. Delight in the distinct flavors of Bierzo, where each bottle is a testament to Spanish winemaking excellence.

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