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Bodegas Monteabellon - 5 Meses en Barrica 2019

Bodegas Monteabellon - 5 Meses en Barrica 2019

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Monteabellón 5 meses en barrica has its origin in the freshest vineyards located near the Duero River. The soil is sandy-loam, with a slight gravel content. This gives it a very characteristic freshness which, combined with its time spent in the barrel, gives rise to a wine with great personality and marked fruity nuances.

Wine Info

  • Vintage: 2019
  • Varietal: Tempranillo
  • Aging: 5 months in barrel. 50% French oak and 50% American oak
  • Producer: Bodegas Monteabellon

Tasting Notes

Very deep bright, cherryred colour. Very intense aroma with marked fruity sensations of blackberry and blueberries perfectly integrated with quality wood that envelops everything. Good structure and good fruity expression in the mouth, powerful, with ripe tannins.


Bodegas Monteabellón is a family-owned winery located in the heart of the Ribera del Duero wine region in northern Spain. The winery was founded in 1989 by Isaac Fernández and his family, who were passionate about producing high-quality wines that reflected the unique terroir of the region.

Bodegas Monteabellón produces a range of red wines, including those made from the Tempranillo grape, as well as Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, and Syrah. The winery's flagship wine is called "Monteabellón Finca La Blanquera," which is made from 100% Tempranillo grapes grown in the winery's La Blanquera vineyard.

In addition to its flagship wine, Bodegas Monteabellón produces a range of other high-quality wines, such as "Monteabellón 14 meses," which is aged for 14 months in oak barrels, and "Avaniel," which is a younger, fresher wine made from Tempranillo grapes.

Bodegas Monteabellón is known for its commitment to sustainable winemaking practices and has implemented a range of measures to reduce its environmental impact, such as using renewable energy and reducing water consumption.

Overall, Bodegas Monteabellón is a small, family-owned winery that produces high-quality wines that reflect the unique terroir of the Ribera del Duero region.


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