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Bodegas Vidal Soblechero Vina Clavidor 2020

Bodegas Vidal Soblechero Vina Clavidor 2020

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Bodegas Vidal Soblechero Vina Clavidor 2020

Wine Info

  • Vintage: 2020
  • Varietal: Verdejo
  • Aging: Stored in stainless steel tanks until bottled
  • Producer: Bodegas Vidal Soblechero

Tasting Notes

Fresh and aromatic wine. Citrus notes. Young acidity. 

On the mouth: long, persistent, and complex. Good harmony between fruit and body.


In a region where most of the vines are machine-harvested, the head-trained vines of Vidal Soblechero are very easy to spot. Brothers Claudio and Alicia are running one the last artisanal businesses in the appellation. Their 100 acres of verdejo are scattered through the town of La Seca, growing in sand, pebbles and/or clay. Organic practices, certification pending.


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Experience the Elegance of D.O. Rueda – Spain's White Wine Wonderland. Nestled in the heart of Castilla y León, Rueda is famed for its vibrant and aromatic white wines, especially the Verdejo variety. Each glass from Rueda embodies freshness, offering a harmonious balance of acidity and fruitiness. Celebrated for its innovative winemaking and diverse terroir, D.O. Rueda captures the essence of Spanish viticulture. Delight your palate with the refreshing and sophisticated flavors of Rueda's white wines – the pride of Spanish whites.

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