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Dominio del Bendito El Primer Paso 2019

Dominio del Bendito El Primer Paso 2019

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 Traditional and Sustainable farming. All work is done by hand. Vibrant fruit, deep, explosive, and demonstrative. Un-grafted (phylloxera-free) youngest vineyard was planted in 1996 and the rest is between 25 and 60 years old.

Wine Info

  • Vintage: 2019
  • Varietal: Tempranillo
  • Aging: 6 months in French and American Oak Barrels
  • Producer: Dominio del Bendito

Tasting Notes

Intense fruit, explosive, shows off its vibrant character not only in the colour (lively, bright, intense, glycerine) but also on the nose and palate; the fruit is, at every stage, predominant (blackberries and blueberries), so there is no lack of complexity due to its density. It is a complex wine: those first aromas of fresh fruit and warm earth, lovely, evolve in the glass to give way to notes of oak ageing in very good measure (toasty nuances, coffee, spices, hazelnuts, liquorice) complemented by a subtle minerality and a pleasant touch of sweetness. Delicious.


Bodega Dominio del Bendito is a boutique winery located in the Toro region of northwestern Spain. Founded by winemaker Antony Terryn in 2004, the winery is known for its focus on producing limited-production, high-quality wines that showcase the unique characteristics of the region. Bodega Dominio del Bendito specializes in red wines made from the Tinta de Toro grape, a local variant of Tempranillo.

The winery's flagship wine is called "La Bendita," a powerful and expressive red wine that undergoes extended maceration and aging in French oak barrels to develop its intense flavors and smooth tannins. Bodega Dominio del Bendito also produces other exceptional wines, such as "Las Sabias," a single-vineyard wine that reflects the terroir of a specific plot of old-vine Tinta de Toro.

Winemaker Antony Terryn emphasizes organic and biodynamic practices in the vineyard to nurture the health and balance of the vines. The result is wines that exhibit a sense of place and a pure expression of the Toro region's unique character.

Bodega Dominio del Bendito invites visitors to experience its wines through tours and tastings, providing an opportunity to learn about their winemaking philosophy and explore the beauty of the surrounding vineyards.


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Explore the Bold Flavors of D.O. Toro – Spain's Red Wine Powerhouse. Located in the historic region of Castilla y León, Toro is renowned for its robust and intense red wines. This D.O. is a testament to the depth and power of the Tempranillo grape, locally known as Tinta de Toro, which thrives in the region's unique climate and soil. Wines from Toro are celebrated for their rich, full-bodied character, combining age-old traditions with modern winemaking techniques. Experience the passion and intensity of D.O. Toro wines, a true embodiment of Spanish viticulture excellence.

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