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Classic Tempranillo Curated Half Case

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    Bring home a great deal on this case valued at $300. That's a nearly $25 discount plus FREE shipping!

    This half-case groups a stellar line-up of the Spanish world-famous Tempranillo variety. Each and all of these would rank high on any expert's Spanish Tempranillo selection and we just wanted to spread this goodness since we have in store.. Trust us, If you love Tempranillo as much as we do, you'll love these 6:

    1. Vina Tondonia Reserva 2008Not much else to be said about this wine. A real icon of Spain's best-known winemaking region. Made by a family winery that has no problem in releasing wines even decades after harvesting in the search for the highest quality.
    2. Valduero Reserva 2011  A classic from Ribera del Duero. A winery that blends tradition and innovation from the heart of Ribera's Golden Mile.
    3. Vina Ardanza Reserva 2012: A wine made to commemorate the merger of two great wineries in 1942. Probably our best bet for a great rioja night within other fellow fine wines. 
    4. Emilio Moro Malleolus 2017One of our favorites from Ribera. A no-brainer at this price point.
    5. CVNE Imperial Reserva 2015: Historical winery in the Station district of Haro, in the heart of Rioja. A perfect exercise of tradition turned into modernity and innovation. This winery has done it all and Imperial Reserva has been there long enough to witness it.
    6. Aalto 2018: From Vega Sicilia's former winemaker Mariano Garcia. This wine comes from very old vines located in 9 different plots and has gained world-praise in very little time thanks to a detailed quality process and the influence of its neighbors in "The Golden Mile"