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Lustau Oloroso Don Nuno Sherry

Lustau Oloroso Don Nuno Sherry

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Aged following an oxidative ageing for 12 years in Bodega La Campana in Jerez de la Frontera.

Dark bronze colour with golden rim. Pungent nutty aromas with a smoky wood background. Rich flavours of bitter chocolate, walnuts and baked chestnuts. This Oloroso wine has an intense, concentrated aftertaste, lightened by a tangy acidity.

Wine Info

  • Vintage:
  • Varietal: Palomino
  • Aging: Aged following an oxidative ageing for 12 years in Bodega La Campana in Jerez de la Frontera.
  • Producer: Emilio Lustau

Tasting Notes

Wine Enthusiast, 92 pts

Toffee and baked brown sugar aromas provide a nice opening in this wine. It's fresh and fearless, with popping acidity and layered flavors. Salty dried apricot and orange notes end with dashes of brine and pecan.


Emilio Lustau, a renowned Spanish sherry producer, has a rich history and an esteemed reputation in the world of fine wines, particularly sherry. The winery's journey began in 1896 when José Ruiz-Berdejo, a secretary to the Court of Justice, started cultivating vines on the family estate, Nuestra Señora de la Esperanza. Initially, these wines were sold to larger sherry producers, a practice known as being an "almacenista" or stockkeeper​​.

In 1931, the winery saw significant development under María Ruiz-Berdejo Alberti, José's daughter, who acquired a small winery closer to the center of Jerez de la Frontera. This move brought increased visibility and notoriety to the winery. Emilio Lustau Ortega, Maria's husband, further expanded the winery in the 1940s, moving it to the historic quarter of Jerez. By 1945, Lustau shifted focus to promoting its own brands, such as Papirusa, Jarana, and Escuadrilla, marking the beginning of its journey as a distinguished sherry brand​​​​.

The 1980s were prosperous for Lustau, introducing the Solera Familiar and the first Almacenista bottlings. A significant milestone came in 1990 when the winery merged with Luis Caballero, a Spanish company specializing in wine and spirits, providing important financial support for further development​​.

Today, Lustau operates out of restored 19th-century bodega buildings in the center of Jerez, housing their principal ageing bodegas. The winery boasts two vineyards in the Sherry Triangle: Viña Montegilillo and Viña Las Cruces. These vineyards are instrumental in producing a range of sherries, including manzanilla, fino, amontillado, and oloroso from Palomino grapes, and sweet wines from Muscatel and Pedro Ximénez grapes​​.

Lustau's excellence in sherry production has been recognized globally. It was awarded Best Spanish Winery in 2011 and Best Sherry Producer in 2014 and 2016 by the International Wine & Spirit Competition. Additionally, Lustau made history by being the first winery to win the Len Evans Trophy for consistency twice, in 2011 and 2016, at the International Wine Challenge​


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Embark on a Flavor Journey with D.O. Sherry – Spain's Legendary Wine. From the sun-drenched vineyards of Andalusia comes the world-renowned Sherry, a wine that defies convention. Known for its rich diversity, from dry to sweet, each Sherry style offers an unparalleled taste experience. Celebrated for its complex aging process, Sherry is a symphony of flavors, embodying centuries of Spanish winemaking tradition. Explore the world of D.O. Sherry and indulge in a spectrum of tastes that delight connoisseurs and new enthusiasts alike

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