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Muga High End Reserva + Reserva Especial

Muga High End Reserva + Reserva Especial

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Unveil the artistry of Bodegas Muga with our exquisite Gift Two Pack! Delight in the timeless elegance of Bodegas Muga Reserva 2018, a rich symphony of red fruit and velvety textures that capture the essence of Rioja's finest terroir. Then, elevate your taste buds with the pinnacle of perfection - Bodegas Muga Reserva Seleccion Especial 2016. This exceptional wine indulges the senses with its captivating blend of ripe berries, oak, and enticing spices, a true testament to the craftmanship of Spanish winemaking. Give the gift of unforgettable moments and exceptional taste with this remarkable duo, a treasure for wine enthusiasts and connoisseurs alike!:

  1. Bodegas Muga Reserva 2018: A wine that embodies the art of Spanish winemaking. With a deep garnet hue, this remarkable vintage offers a bouquet of red fruit, dark berries, and hints of vanilla. Its velvety smoothness and refined tannins create a luxurious texture, while the subtle nuances of oak and spices add complexity and depth.
  2. Bodegas Muga Reserva Seleccion Especial 2016: An extraordinary wine crafted to perfection. With an enchanting ruby-red hue, this vintage unveils a symphony of aromas, blending ripe berries, dark cherries, and subtle notes of oak. The palate is treated to a velvety journey of rich flavors, complemented by hints of tobacco and spices. Aged with precision, this Reserva Seleccion Especial exudes a remarkable complexity that lingers long after each sip. true guarantee of quality. This Reserva is pure elegance and complexity. It's a very well-rounded wine that can rest for years.

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  • Producer: Bodegas Muga

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Bodegas Muga is a winery located in the Rioja region of Spain. The winery was founded in 1932 by the Muga family and is still family-owned and operated today. Bodegas Muga is known for its traditional winemaking practices and its dedication to quality, producing a range of red, white, and rosé wines using Tempranillo, Garnacha, Mazuelo, and Graciano grape varieties.

The winery has a long history of producing high-quality wines and has received numerous awards and accolades for its wines over the years. Some of its most famous wines include the Muga Prado Enea, Muga Reserva, and Muga Rosado. Bodegas Muga is also known for its distinctive barrel-aging process, in which the wine is aged in both French and American oak barrels to add complexity and depth to the final product.

Bodegas Muga is a popular destination for wine lovers visiting the Rioja region, offering tours and tastings for visitors to learn more about the winery's history and winemaking practices.


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