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Osborne Fino Sherry

Osborne Fino Sherry

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The Osborne premium range of sherry wines. It is a classic, balanced Fino sherry, an essential aperitif wine. Awarded the Bacchus de Oro, a gold medal awarded by the Unión Española de Catadores.

Wine Info

  • Vintage:
  • Varietal: Palomino
  • Aging:
  • Producer: Osborne

Tasting Notes

Amazingly brilliant showing a pale yellow color. Clean and sharp, displays fresh green apple aromas mingled with enticing almond notes. Very nice salty nuances that evokes the sea. Sheer class with a dry palate.

This is a "fino" wine - a sherry which is very pale, dry, light, extraordinarily fragrant and delicate on the palate. It can be drunk at any time of day, and is specially suitable as an aperitif together with tapas, such as Manchego cheese, olives and salted almonds. Excellent with iberico ham and all kind of shellfish and seafood.



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Embark on a Flavor Journey with D.O. Sherry – Spain's Legendary Wine. From the sun-drenched vineyards of Andalusia comes the world-renowned Sherry, a wine that defies convention. Known for its rich diversity, from dry to sweet, each Sherry style offers an unparalleled taste experience. Celebrated for its complex aging process, Sherry is a symphony of flavors, embodying centuries of Spanish winemaking tradition. Explore the world of D.O. Sherry and indulge in a spectrum of tastes that delight connoisseurs and new enthusiasts alike

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