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Ossian Vinas Viejas Verdejo 2018

Ossian Vinas Viejas Verdejo 2018

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    Ossian 2018 is history in every bottle. These are the stories that vines that are almost 200 years old can tell and that have seen how, generation after generation, the ways of life, viticulture, the environment, and even people changed. Ossian is a historical and primitive legacy. It is the patience needed in a place where time is the greatest virtue and the best ally. The 2018 vintage of this centennial Segovian Verdejo that goes back in our memories stands out for its depth. 

    Elegant and intense. Delicate and silky. A wine the remains in your mind. The definitive Verdejo.

    • Vintage: 2018
    • Appellation: Vino de la Tierra de Castilla y León
    • Grapes: 100% Verdejo
    • Aging period: 9 months in oak barrels
    • Oak: French oak


     A unique vintage

    After extreme climate conditions in 2017, 2018 favored a quick recovery of our vineyard. The beginning of the year was marked by the cold with two significant snowfalls in January. The rain was abundant throughout the cycle, even before the start of spring. In May, the announcement of possible frosts alerted the viticulture
    team that deployed paraffin candles in several plots. In the end, the temperature did not drop excessively and no damage was recorded.

    July and August were hot and dry months, which provided excellent conditions for the vineyard. Harvesting began on the 20th of September with perfect ripening and developed with warm temperatures and no rain until it was completed on the 10th

    Nieva, a special area

    Nieva is one of the most special vineyard settings in the entire country. The sandy loams that outline its soils made it possible for the vines planted here to survive the phylloxera plague that spread throughout Europe at the end of the 19th Century. Its old stock vines, the ungrafted root of the Segovian Verdejo, continue to nourish the bunches through trunks that are living history of viticulture. These organically grown vineyards are around two centuries old and they are the testimony and legacy that we seek to preserve.

    Elaboration with full respect

    Ossian 2018 is the great expression of the Segovian Verdejo. The vineyard is managed with traditional techniques from the area. The grapes that arrived at the winery in small crates are the perfect raw material for making a deep wine. The grapes were gently pressed to obtain the first must that was transferred into wood barrels. The fermentation was carried out spontaneously with native yeasts in 228- and 600-liter barrels, and wooden casks of different capacities. The subsequent aging was slow and calm, done over time, just as the people of the area traditionally used to do. After nine months with its lees, Ossian 2018 was Clarified and bottled in summer 2019.



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  • Vintage: (2018)
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  • Producer: (Ossian)

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