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Remirez de Ganuza Reserva 2014

Remirez de Ganuza Reserva 2014

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Remírez de Ganuza reflects the essence of this winery. It is crafted using the shoulders of only the best bunches from vines which are 60 years old on average.  Both the malolactic fermentation and its aging are carried out in new oak barrels.  Our aim is always to create a wine which is a faithful reflection of its vintage.

Wine Info

  • Vintage: 2014
  • Varietal: 90% Tempranillo, 5% Graciano, 5% Viura and Malvasía (skins only)
  • Aging: 22 months in new French 80% American 20% oak barrels
  • Producer: Remirez de Ganuza

Tasting Notes


Established in 1989, Bodegas Remírez de Ganuza, sprang from a personal bet made by its founder, Fernando Remírez de Ganuza. 

 A single principle lies behind the entire process:
Loyalty to the grape...

From the outset the idea has been the same: to ensure a rigorous grape sorting process and then minimal interference in the preparation of the wine.  In this way we can  be as true as possible both to the vintage and the vineyard. 

The business originally developed by Fernando in the 1970s and 1980s in Rioja Alavesa, involved the buying and selling of former vineyards.   This meant he had the knowledge to select the most suitable plots in the region to carry out his new project. 

Over the years, new techniques have been introduced for crafting and ageing wines making Remírez de Ganuza both innovative and pioneering producers.  Innovation has been a particular feature with new improvements being incorporated regularly to raise the quality of the wines produced.  These improvements include sorting tables, cold rooms and the use of new barrels for the ageing of the wines.  The innovations may well have been widely adopted by other internationally renowned producers but this was certainly not the case when Remírez de Ganuza first used them.  Other procedures like the bag used for the extraction of the Trasnocho wine or the machine used to wash the grapes in their own must are examples of the continuous process of innovation and the search for excellence which are hallmarks of Remírez de Ganuza. 

In 2010 Jose Ramon Urtasun joined the enterprise started by Fernando thus setting in motion a new phase for Bodegas Remirez de Ganuza


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