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Vega Sicilia Valbuena 5

Vega Sicilia Valbuena 5

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Valbuena is the pure expression of a red at Vega Sicilia, with an ageing process, from barrel to bottle, which lasts five years and gives its name: Valbuena 5º (5th). Both new and used 225-litre French and American oak barrels and 8.500-litre vats are used for a long and complex process for perhaps, the wine which has evolved the most in the last few years.

Valbuena 5º presents its splendor in each vintage and a direct view of the greatness of its soil, where 140 hectares of land are dedicated to this wine; weather conditions each year make a distinction on the vintage.

These wines are ready for drinking now but may potentially be stored for approximately 20 - 30 years if kept in optimum conditions (12-14 ºC) at 60% relative humidity, and constant temperature, protected from direct light. Optimum drinking temperature is 18 ºC. This wine is highly allocated and subject to availability.

Wine Info

  • Vintage: 2017
  • Varietal: 95% Tinto Fino (Tempranillo) and 5% Merlot
  • Aging: 5 years between oak barrels and bottle aging
  • Producer: Vega Sicilia

Tasting Notes

Robert Parker, 96 pts (2011)

2017 was marked by the frost of the night between April 27 and 28 that Vega Sicilia fought with their anti-frost towers. The end of the season was warm, and the overall rain was low, 235 liters. The 2017 Valbuena is marked by these circumstances, produced with 94% Tinto Fino (Tempranillo) and 6% Merlot, with good ripeness (14.5% alcohol) and mellow acidity (4.65 grams of tartaric acid and a pH of 3.85). The grapes were cooled down and took three to four days of maceration to start fermenting with indigenous yeasts. The wine matured in a combination of new and used French and American 225-liter oak barrels and 21,000-liter oak vats for almost three years. The result, for whatever reason, was nothing short of spectacular. The wine is perfumed, floral, expressive and balsamic like few vintages before. It doesn't feel like a 2017 at all; it is harmonious, and the tannins were fine. It's an amazing Valbuena that clearly transcends the character of the vintage. What I see here is that since 2010, the wine has a very high consistency. And in 2017 it excels.


Vega Sicilia is a world-renowned winery located in the Ribera del Duero region of Spain. The winery was founded in 1864 and is considered one of the most iconic and prestigious wineries in Spain. Vega Sicilia is known for their high-quality, age-worthy red wines, which are made from a blend of Tempranillo, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Merlot grapes. The winery also produces a white wine made from the Albillo grape. Vega Sicilia's wines are known for their complexity, depth, and elegance, with notes of black fruit, spice, and leather. The winery is committed to traditional winemaking techniques, including extended aging in oak barrels and bottle before release. Vega Sicilia has received numerous accolades and awards for their wines, including being named "Winery of the Year" by Wine & Spirits Magazine. Overall, Vega Sicilia is considered one of the top wineries in the world and is highly regarded for their exceptional wines and unwavering commitment to quality.


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Explore Ribera del Duero – Spain's Hidden Gem of Winemaking. In the heart of Spain lies the D.O. Ribera del Duero, celebrated for its exceptional red wines. Known for intense flavors and deep aromas, each bottle from this region is a testament to Spanish winemaking excellence. Experience the bold and sophisticated taste of Ribera del Duero wines, where tradition meets modern elegance. Elevate your wine collection with the finest from Spain's esteemed Ribera del Duero

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